Price List

Virginia Residents:
    Shipping information.
    We will gladly ship to any location. Final pricing of all items includes shipping,handling and insurance within the Continental United States.
For antique lamp restoration:
We insure antique GWW lamp bases on their return shipment for $600.00. If the customer requires additional insurance based on the value of their antique lamp, this addtional insurance cost will be added to the VLR standard shipping and handling rate. If addtional return shipping insurance is required contact Victorian Lamp Restorations prior to shipping the lamp base.
Initial shipping costs are non refundable on return items.

    We accept all major credit cards through Paypal - it's fast, free and secure!
    Personal checks and money orders are accepted.

    ** If you would like gold applied to sinks or lamps there will be an additional $50 charge. If an unusually large amount of gold is requested, the additional cost will be determined at the time of order. **

Prices for Painting GWW Globes: This price includes painting, shipping, handling and insurance. If purchasing just the glass without a repaint the cost of the glass is listed. See Glass Cost Table .
If a repaint is being done the cost of the glass is included in the final price. The pricing below in this table is an approximate of the final cost for the typical GWW type base patterns such as floral designs, small scenes and fruit. Pricing varies depending on the size and complexity.Sending an image or picture ahead of the work can help with a more precise final cost estimate. Complex designs such as figures, animals, cherubs etc. may increase the price of the painting.A typical lamp finished and shipped within the United States cost between $350.00 and $500.00 total.:
Type Size Price
Ball Shades 7-9" $300.00
Ball Shades 10-11" $400.00
Ball Shades 12" $500.00
Parlor Shades 14" $500.00
Half-Shades   $300.00

Sink Painting:
    The cost of most custom sink painting is between $475 and $600 (sink cost separate).Pricing for custom sink painting will vary based on pattern requested. Maximum sink size of 15" x 23". All sinks must be ordered by Victorian Lamp Restorations. The sink styles appearng on our site are all currently available. Contact us for additional choices.
Matching tiles and porcelain accessories will be priced before order, depending on size, type of china, and detail.

Glass Prices:
    All glass globes are provided by Victorian Lamp Restorations. Many other styles and sizes, not listed, are available. Contact us for details.:

Ball Shades:
Size Price
8" $75
9" $100
10" $125
10.5" $125
11" $125
12" $125

14" Parlor Lamp dome shades -- $150
10" Half-Shades -- $100
Chimneys available in all sizes.
Some replacement hardware available.

Completion Time:
    Due to the custom nature of lamp re-paints, tiles, and sink painting,etc.,the time required for all items will depend on the detail of the work and backlog at the time of order.
    Remember, each item is carefully hand-painted and fired. This takes time. In the case of antique lamp painting, reproducing someone else's painting is time consuming and more difficult than original painting.

Return Policy:
    We will gladly accept any returned item if you are not completely satisfied. Simply return the item to VLR within 30 days and we will refund your money. We will also pay for return shipping. For a refund on a re-paint globe, the globe must be returned to VLR before a refund is sent.