About the Artist

    Diane has been painting tops for antique lamps for 40 years for both reputable antique dealers and individuals.
    Comments from the artist: I was introduced to this very unique art by a friend in the antique lamp business. I first pursued china painting and then learned to paint and fire glass through trial and error.It took me many years to perfect this art and to master the firing for these glass pieces.
    Although the antique lamp re-paint business is my favorite art, I have recently branched out to include sinks and tiles in my porcelain painting.

    VLR is 100% e-Business although arrangements can be made to deliver or pick up items. Gone With the Wind (GWW) lamps can be restored to their former beauty by having a new globe painted to match the antique base. All lamp globes are fired in a kiln to approx. 1100 degrees, so the paint will never come off.
    Due to the nature of the painting required for the antique GWW lamp restoration, we will need the base shipped to us for the work to be completed. If you have the most of the pieces of a broken original globe we can often paint a new globe from them. This saves shipping the antique base. The broken globe pieces can be shipped in baggies. We will reassemble the pieces to do the work. We have been in this business for many years and we can answer any questions. Antique bases do require special packing to ship. Please see our section on shipping for instructions.
    GWW lamp shades can be custom painted in any pattern or color. We will also have completed globes and antique GWW lamps available for sale.As these become available they will be added to the website.